Count down to the BBQ!
$12,000 CASH and Prizes






Montana BBQ Cook-Off


The Montana BBQ Cook-Off is an event that promotes the local area. The positive exposure fosters Absarokee's vitality as a community.


Through the promotion of the Montana BBQ Cook-Off, the event creates, awareness, a positive source of civic pride, and is a showcase that illustrates what coming together in a small community can accomplish.


It is understood that first and foremost the event is meant to promote the area, and as a not-for-profit organization's event. Any proceeds will be reinvested back into the event and the community.



Goals & Objectives

  • Raise awareness of the community through promotion
  • Buying locally and returning the majority of the dollars back to the community
  • Provide equipment for area functions
  • Produce a free concert for the community and providing entertainment for families and visitors
  • Fund area information and publications that promote the area
  • To identify projects and areas of improvement that benefit and facilitate the enjoyment of recreational opportunities and visitor facilities

Buy Local Policy


Event management will focus on buying locally. Exceptions may be necessitated due to factors like, availability, timeliness, and significant cost differences. Difficult decisions may necessitate bringing the BBQ committee into the final decision making.


Accomplishments & Benefits


With community support, grants, reinvested profits and fundraising the Montana BBQ Cook-Off has been able to procure most of what it needs to put on large festivals and events.

This equipment is made available via the Civic Club at minimal or no cost to the community.

Local businesses have directly and indirectly benefited from the Montana BBQ Cook-Off. Directly meaning the revenue local businesses receives prior to and during the event. The indirect benefits are often overlooked and difficult to quantify. Indirect benefits are when people revisit the area and come back to make purchase after being exposed to the area while attending the BBQ.

The creation of new businesses and additional local services means even more dollars can be spent locally.



Some of the Benefits and Beneficiaries

  • Civic Club (Computer/Place to raise funds/rental of equipment)
  • Absarokee Days/PTA (free equipment usage and other)
  • The local 4H groups
  • Absarokee volunteer fire department
  • Fishtail Family Fun Day
  • Non Profit and Church groups
  • The ACF
  • AFA
  • VFW
  • Nye Goes Nuts
  • Community's use of equipment (weddings/parties/meetings/functions/etc)
  • Job creation, employment of individuals that spend money in the community
  • Absarokee area businesses
  • Stillwater County