Teams where are you

Come on TEAMS we need your applications. Remember spaces will be assigned based on getting your fees and paperwork in. There are still some early bird prizes to be had too. And in a couple weeks you will be subject to the LATE FEE. So those that have said they are in we need you to fill out the forms. Entry and tax form, remember no tax form no money.

The most difficult part of the whole BBQ event planning is getting teams to send in their entry. It really causes a lot of stress for me and holds off our ability to lay the event out.  If cash flow is an issue let me know and we will see what we can do to help you out. Plus you can now pay on line, so that gives you the ability to charge it or use your Paypal account. Just go to the BBQ home page and scroll down to the bottom for the pay options.

Get your forms in, please.